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WPIAL - 2018

Class: 2A

Section 2 / Division: 2A

Record: 1-8 (1-3)

(Photo by Clark’s Studio Photography)



The Wolverines wrestling team had a great season in 2018, where not only were the players rewarded for their dedication and effort, but so too was the coach. Led by Head Coach Craig Alberts along with Austin Walley, Jake Alberts, and Donavin Chambers, the Wolverines completed a season never to forget as they sent three wrestlers to the WPIAL Placers and Regional Qualifiers. On top of that, the Wolverines own Donavin Chambers received the Silver Medalist at the Southwest Wrestling Regional and qualified for states. The Wolverines hope to continue the recent success and build the program into a contender each year.


12/8 - Hickory Tournament

12-27 - Southmoreland Holiday Classic


More information to come.


  • 12/8 - Hickory Tournament

    • Austin Walley - 1st

    • Donavin Chambers - 2nd

    • Jake Alberts - 4th

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  • 12/27 - Southmoreland Holiday Classic

    • Austin Walley - 2nd

    • Donavin Chambers - 3rd

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WPIAL Placers and Regional Qualifier

  • Austin Walley - 3rd Place

  • Jake Alberts - 6th Place

  • Donavin Chambers - 5th Place

Southwest Wrestling Regional

  • Donavin Chambers - Silver Medalist

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