Season in Review - Girls Basketball


Lady Wolverines show strength in numbers, finish season with playoff game

The Lady Wolverines came into the 2018-2019 campaign knowing they had the potential to build upon last year’s 5-15 season with more depth along the front court. With this in mind, 6 players played the full 23 games on the season while the rest of the squad combined for 53 game appearances during the season.

The Lady Wolverines got off to a slow start of 3-3 before heading to the Laurel Christmas Tournament where back-to-back wins gave the Lady Wolverines the Tournament championship and some momentum for the mid-season. After the Laurel Tournament, The Wolverines worked their way through section play, improving their record to 9-5.

A rough patch came about in the month of January as the Wolverines lost 4 straight section games to fall to .500 on the season, 9-9. Teams are usually judge on their adversity and the ability to overcome tough stretches. The Lady Wolverines did just so - the month of February proved the strength in numbers for the Wolverines as they went on a tear, beating section teams Beaver Falls, Hopewell, Mohawk, and rival Riverside to finish the regular season at 13-9.

The fate of the Wolverines for a potential playoff spot came down to the last game of 3A Section 1 (go figure…) where a game between Mohawk and Beaver would determine whether or not the Wolverines would make playoffs. If Mohawk won, the Wolverines would not make it. If Beaver won, the Wolverines would tie the section record of 6-8 with Mohawk and would have split games during the season, allowing both teams to go and overall 13 teams for 3A playoffs. If you followed us on Twitter and Facebook…you were in for a treat as the Bobcats were able to comeback in dramatic fashion and beat the Warriors which then propelled the Wolverines to the playoffs!

With the Wolverines making playoffs, most fans thought with a 13-9 (6-8) record, the Wolverines would get the 12 seed while Mohawk with a rough 7-15 (6-8) record would get the 13 seed. However, the WPIAL is the WPIAL and the committee decided the Warriors would get the 12 seed and the Wolverines would be 13th, giving the first round matchup for the Wolverines against up and coming Carlynton Cougars as the 4 seed and a record of 18-4 (12-2).

Due to WPIAL and PIAA restrictions along with the TRIB HSSN having media rights, we were unable to call the game live on our media pages. However, we were able to attend and give the fans the live updates during the game with little insights during the game.

The first half for the Wolverines was a tough battle in the first round of playoffs, as the Cougars defense kept the shooting from deep by the Wolverines in check. The Cougars went to halftime with a small lead while the Wolverines felt okay as they had 3 of the Cougars starters with 3 fouls at halftime.

The second half for the Wolverines was much of the first, as they outplayed the Cougars to get the lead down to just two possessions before heading to the fourth quarter. The Cougars, with more than 20 fouls on night, were able to take a double-digit lead early in the fourth quarter, but the play of Senior Natalia Greco and a combination of Olivia Baattaglia and Kyla Servick playing tough defense kept the Wolverines close to the final whistle. The Cougars were able to make their free throws at the end of the game, giving them the final push to the final buzzer, winning a close and hard fought game 44-39 over the Wolverines.

A huge standing ovation erupted at the end of the game for the Cougars fans as they knew their team lived to fight another team. On the opposite side, the same ovation occurred as the Wolverine faithful that traveled to North Hills for the game all stood for the great achievements that the Lady Wolverines accomplished on the season. A winning season including a 13-10 record; A trip to the playoffs; A great showing of adversity along the entire season; A great showing of strength in numbers.

The Wolverines will now look to fill the shoes of Seniors Natalia Greco and Isabella Roth. The nice thing is…that’s it. Only 2 Seniors on the team leaves the relentless play to 7 Sophomores and 4 Freshmen, a great opportunity for Head Coach Marc Heil and the team, along with the Wolverines fans for years to come.

Below are the season team stats and player stats and highlights from the 2018-2019 season.

Team Stats

  • Record: 13-10 (6-8) - Tied for 4th in 3A Section 1

  • Points Per Game For: 44.9

  • Points Per Game Against: 41.7

  • Points: 1033

  • Points Against: 959

  • Rebounds Per Game: 27.1

  • Assists Per Game: 3.6

  • Steals Per Game: 11.9

  • Blocks Per Game: 1.9

  • Turnovers Per Game: 15.0

  • Fouls Per Game: 13.9

  • Field Goal Percentage: 34%

  • 2-Point Field Goal Percentage: 38%

  • 3-Point Field Goal Percentage: 24%

  • Free Throws: 219 - 453 (48%)

  • Double-Doubles: 3

Individual Stat Leaders

  • Points: 257 - Isabella Roth

  • Points Per Game: 11.2 - Isabella Roth

  • Rebounds: 213 - Maria Ionilli

  • Rebounds Per Game: 9.3 - Maria Ioanilli

  • Assists: 25 - Kyla Servick

  • Assists Per Game: 1.1 - Kyla Servick

  • Steals: 68 - Kyla Servick

  • Steals Per Game: 3.0 - Kyla Servick

  • Blocks: 20 - Natalia Greco

  • Blocks Per Game: 0.9 - Natalia Greco

  • 3-Point Percentage: 27% - Isabella Roth

  • 2-Point Percentage: 44% - Kyla Servick

  • Free Throw Percentage: 62% - Olivia Battaglia

  • Double-Doubles: 2 - Maria Ionilli


Senior - Isabella Roth


Senior - Natalia Greco