Lady Wolverines make playoffs, will play Carlynton in First Round


#13 Ellwood City 13-9 (6-8) vs. #4 Carlynton 18-4 (12-2)

The Lady Wolverines fate was sealed after the Beaver Bobcats came back in overtime to beat Mohawk to tie Mohawk and Ellwood City at 6-8 in conference play. Under the new rules by the WPIAL, teams that tie in conference play are then separated by head-to-head play. Since Mohawk and Ellwood City split the regular season match-up, both teams then go to playoffs, give the 3A Girls bracket 13 instead of 12 teams.

Even further considerations became acknowledge as the Wolverines were 13-9 overall compared to the Warriors 7-15 overall record. With this in mind, the Wolverine faithful were hoping for a 12 seed possibility versus the 13 seed in the playoffs. However, the WPIAL decided to take Mohawk as the 12 and Ellwood City as the 13 seed.

So that leaves us with the first round match-up as follows: #13 Ellwood City vs. #4 Carlynton. The game will be played next Wednesday night at 6:30 PM at North Hills High School. The W-Zone due to restrictions will not be able to call the game with a live, but we will be posting updates, photos, information, and stats throughout the evening as we will be at the game. Brackets for both Girls and Boys 3A classification are listed below.

  • #13 Ellwood City 13-9 (6-8) - Fourth place team from Section 1

  • #4 Carlynton 18-4 (12-2) - Second place team from Section 2

  • @ North Hills High School

  • February 20th, 2019

  • 6:30 PM