Week 1 Review: The W-Zone Picks

Looking back at week one predictions, the W-Zone was spot on, going 8-2 in predictions.

The Aliquippa - Beaver Falls match-up had early drama, but ended with Aliquippa cruising 44-13.  Prediction: A 46-37, Actual: A 44-13.

Central Valley had the early momentum and cruised in the first quarter with 21 points, winning 34-6.  Prediction: CV 35-21, Actual: CV 34-6.

Keystone Oaks dominated Valley with ease, winning the game up front.  Prediction: KO 42-14, Actual: KO 42-20.

Derry proved the W-Zone wrong as coming off of a 5-4 season, Derry is looking on the upsPrediction: EF 38-20, Actual: Derry 27-15.

Wise is the young: Darius Wise continues his output production as Beaver downs Freedom.  Prediction: Beaver 49-7, Actual: Beaver 48-13.

Quaker Valley surprised the W-Zone as well as McGuffey as they shut out the game.  Prediction: McGuffey 35-21, Actual: QV 19-0.

Steel Valley shows up Riverside, new coach and new offense hasn't clicked yet.  Prediction: SV 42-20, Actual SV 41-7.

Laurel shows up Mohawk, proving the "move" to a new conference is looking great.  Prediction: Laurel 35-28, Actual: Laurel 22-14.

New Brighton has too many new players which causes very little momentum on both sides.  Prediction: SS 46-14, Actual: SS 23-13.

New Castle bounces back, shows they are a force to compete with.  Prediction: NC 42-28, Actual: NC 26-13.

EDITOR'S NOTE: One game not counted for was Hopewell vs. Burrell - Hopewell won, 27-26.