Update on PIAA Playoffs: A-6A

Class 6A - Semifinals

St. Joseph's Prep (12-0) vs. North Penn (14-0) - Saturday 5PM

Pittsburgh Central Catholic (13-1) vs. Wilson (12-1) - Saturday 7PM

Outcome: Pittsburgh Central Catholic looks like the class of the final four as they have not been challenged at all since Week 0 when they played out of state.  PCC's biggest challenge will most likely be a match-up against historical St. Joseph's Prep, if they make it pass North Penn.

Class 5A - Semifinals

Academy Park (13-1) vs. Archbishop Wood (9-2) - Friday 7PM

Harrisburg (10-3) vs. West Allegheny (13-0) - Saturday 1PM

Outcome: West Allegheny looks good to move on the Finals; however, West A's biggest challenger will most likely be themselves.  Turnovers and sloppy play has plagued West A at Heinz but has since then played decent.  With this in mind, I believe your champion is somewhere in the other semi-final, leaning towards a tough defensive team in Academy Park.

Class 4A - Semifinals

Bethlehem Catholic (11-3) vs. Imhotep Charter (12-0) - Friday 7PM

Cathedral Prep (12-0) vs. Berks Catholic (12-0) - Friday 7PM

Outcome: Battle of the Charters vs. Catholic schools - This bracket holds a lot and I mean a lot of historical teams and some familiar teams the past couple years. Cathedral Prep dominated the WPIAL champion Thomas Jefferson and seemingly is the odds-on favorite to win, though Imhotep Charter has had familiar success during the playoff runs as of the past couple years.

Class 3A - Semifinals

Middletown (13-0) vs. Notre Dame-Green Pond (12-2) - Friday 7PM

Central (12-1) vs. Beaver Falls (11-1) - Friday 7PM

Outcome: Beaver Falls is the lucky team out of the four with having a bye week.  However, they may face the toughest defense they have seen all year in Central, a team who averaging 8.2 points against ALL year.  Central also beat a stingy Karns City team the previous week who in turn also beat the #1 ranked 3A team in Hickory badly. Your 3A winner will be in the second semifinal, with the favorite going towards Central.

Class 2A - Semifinals

Ligonier Valley (15-0) vs. Southern Columbia Area (15-0) - Friday 7PM

Steel Valley (15-0) vs. Wilmington Area (14-1) - Friday 7PM

Outcome: Wow. Talk about some crazy offense and some crazy defense. BY FAR the 2A semifinals will be the class of the weekend.  2 teams (SCA & SV) have scored over 700+ points on the year and Ligonier Valley has only given up 63 points (4.2 per game) ALL SEASON. Steel Valley looks in great shape, though all opposing teams could give threat - expect a huge match-up in the final where I believe Steel Valley will go up against a crazy defense in Ligonier Valley. The final - too close to call. Hence I'll favor the WPIAL...and go with SV.

Class A - Semifinals

Steelton-Highspire (6-7) vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (13-0) - Friday 7PM

Farrell (12-3) vs. Clairton (15-0) - Friday 7PM

Outcome: There could be no more of a clear path to states than the one for Clairton.  Clairton BY FAR is the team to beat in Class A, which seemingly is the weakest of the classes.  The Biggest story here may actually be the underdog in Steelton-Highspire, a team who has given up more points against than points scored for.  S-H is a Class A team in an area that is full of higher class teams, specifically there are only 5 teams in District 3 that are part of Class A. With this in mind, S-H plays several teams throughout the other classes AND counts those games as conference games.  Historically, S-H has made the playoffs several times in the past year and seems to be doing such again, making a run this year in the playoffs. However, the run ends here as a favorited match-up between Clairton and Bishop Guilfoyle seems to be apparent, with Clairton once again ruling Class A.