Passing-A-Plenty, too little too late for the Wolverines

American football was built on the concept of running "North and South."  Last night's match-up between the Quakers and the Wolverines proved that present day football reigns through the air.

Coming into the season finale, the Wolverines had minimal success through the air whereas Quaker Valley had known their guy, Amos Luptak, from previous games.  Stats didn't matter last night as both teams racked up almost 700 yards combined, mostly through the air.

The first quarter got off with a bang as the Quakers scored 44 seconds into the game when Isaiah McNair caught a 47 yard pass from Amos Luptak for a score - PAT good by Owen Harkins made it 7-0 Quaker Valley going into the second quarter.  [7-0 QV]

The second quarter was dominated by the Quakers as two more scores were added: one from Luptak rushing one yard out (PAT by Harkins) and the other from 54 yards out (PAT by Harkins).  Up to the six minute mark, Quaker Valley had 205 yards of offense to just 41 yards for Ellwood.  However, with just 10 seconds left before half, Ellwood went on a 14 play - 71 yard drive that was capped off by a pass from Andrew O'Brien to Richard Pitrelli 5 yards out.  The PAT attempt by Jonathan Jefferson was good, making the score at half 21-7 QV.  [21-7 QV]

All things seemed lost in the first half as QV doubled up yardage and explosive plays over EC; however, like all year the third quarter has been good to the Wolverines.  EC controlled the third quarter and even tacked on a score by a great pass from O'Brien to Luca Botti for 83 yards to the house.  The PAT was missed as the fourth quarter started 21-13 in favor of the Quakers.  [21-13 QV]

As fast as the Wolverines scored through the air, so did the Quakers, scoring on a 37 yard touchdown run by Jordan Martin (PAT good by Harkins), now making it 28-13 Quakers.  Quaker Valley made another successful drive as the last score of the night was by Isaiah McNair 18 yards via the pass by Amos Luptak (PAT good by Harkins).  The final score read 35-13 in favor of the Quakers.  [35-13 QV]

Looking at the stats, Ellwood did fairly well to stay in check with Quaker Valley, although QV finished drives and the Wolverines did not.  Leading on offense was Andrew O'Brien as he ran for 77 yards on 20 carries while also throwing for 200 yards on 10/19 passing with 2 touchdowns.  On defense, Toby Kelly had 7 total tackles, one tackle for loss, and an early sack of 7 yards.

Overall, the Wolverines on the season were outscored 269-70 and were out-gained 2561-1840 on offense.  However, looking at the win-loss record, the Wolverines 9-game schedule included teams with a 63-22 record or a win percentage of 74% and 5 teams going to the playoffs - the worst team the Wolverines played was Hopewell at 5-5 on the season.  With this in mind, Ellwood was able to keep in check with most of the teams in arguably the toughest division in WPIALs.

Join us next week for a recap of the season, a look at the stats on the year, and a preview of week one of the WPIAL playoffs on our W-Zone "Year-in-Review" episode.

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